Open Office Acoustics

Open plan office acoustics that support focus and productivity

Open plan offices are great for space utilisation, workplace flexibility and employee collaboration. But where they succeed for teams and groups, they can be detrimental for private conversations, focus and personal productivity. Acoustic treatments are the solution to give you the best of both worlds. With the right open office acoustics, you can have both privacy and productivity.

Premier AV specialise in a full range of material, technology and sound solutions that will transform the working environment of your office. No longer will typing, sneezing, and phone calls dominate the airwaves. Instead, your employees will be able to relax and focus, boosting productivity and work satisfaction.

What is an acoustic treatment?

You've seen acoustic treatment before in theatres, restaurants and many other places where noise is a significant factor. An acoustic treatment combines materials, such as panelling and fabric, and technology to reach your office's acoustic goals. Your acoustic goals may range from reducing noise for work productivity to complete soundproofing. You may also find you need more than one acoustic solution in different parts of the office. If you have shared workspaces, noisy rooms that spill distracting sound into quiet work zones, or conference rooms requiring high sound quality and confidentiality, your office would greatly benefit from acoustic treatment.

What kind of acoustic treatment does your office need?

A good acoustic solution will consider the amount and type of noise needing to be managed, the purpose of the room and the aesthetics of the space. Thanks to the high demand for acoustic management in offices, there is an extensive range of exquisite acoustic products that will not only work into your current design but can add character and modern dynamics to your office.

Depending on your space, acoustic management technology may also be effective. The Premier AV team will collaborate with you to find the best acoustic solution that fits your needs, budget and office design for a seamless and elevated office experience.

What is the process for custom solutions?


We always start by fully discussing your needs, current setup, work processes and projected growth.


We will come onsite so we can discuss ideas in person and access the opportunities, limitations and capabilities of your space.


Based on our visit we will create a mockup or sketch of our recommended solution, taking into consideration your needs and budget.


We will provide a quote for all the products and installation needed to get your new AV system up and running.


This is where the magic happens! We will come in and fully install your new system so that you are ready to go.


We won’t leave you on your own. We can provide education for your entire team and can even provide an instruction sheet for your new system if required - and we are always only a phone call away!

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