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The real theatre experience, customised to your home

A home theatre is an intersection between function and luxury. While it’s true that not every home has one, those that do take everyday moments in front of the TV and turn them into something truly special. Done well, a home theatre elevates your home and gives the family and friends an amazing place to retreat and be together. But a home theatre is more than just a big screen and loud speakers. To have a comfortable, immersive home theatre you need to take into consideration the room ambience, speaker placement, and even the positioning of the seats.

The Premier AV team are passionate and experienced when it comes to designing a perfectly balanced and exciting theatre setup. Book an appointment today to visit the Premier AV Showroom and let our team walk you through the amazing modern technology available, chat about your budget and goals, and help you make your dream a reality.

Building your ultimate Home Theatre or Media Room

Quality Brands
After years of installing media systems into homes, we know the best brands, at different price points, to give you a dynamic home theatre. Feel thunder and explosions with immersive sound and become a part of the action with high-resolution visuals. We use Australian-made where possible, and have a range that can give you a perfect family theatre room right up to a commercial grade cinema setup. Our team has hand-picked brands that ‘play well’ with other technology and will work with you to design a streamlined, intuitive system.

Intuitive Design
Our team can’t help but get a little bit creative when we start designing the perfect Home Theatre with you. We consider the entire experience from lighting design, room acoustics, star ceilings, lounge placement, audio, screen size and more. When you come into the Premier AV Showroom you’ll get a glimpse of the possibilities for your space and find the inspiration to think outside the box. Our team will work with you to find the best layout, technology solutions and design to meet your needs and budget.

Audio and Speaker Systems

Audio is a critical part of a home theatre. You can feel like you’re right in the action with crisp, strategically placed, surround-sound speakers. Our team will help you pick the best size and location for hardware based on the room size and layout and seating. We’ll also ensure that your audio system integrates well with your other technology so that every movie night is a seamless experience. We can help with mounting your chosen system or providing a complete in-wall solution. We use trusted brands such as Krix, Denon, Trinov, Electra and Triad. Hear the difference for yourself at the Premier AV showroom.

Star Ceilings

Bring the night sky inside with your very own sparkling StarEFX ceiling. This dazzling feature not only creates a captivating visual experience with customisable changing colours, but the star panels also provide fantastic acoustic benefits. With Premier AV you can have a design custom made for your home, using one of the fastest installation solutions on the market, with a full fibre-optic system that’s installed by our trained technicians. You can control your StarEFX ceiling through a wireless remote or integrate the functions straight into your home automation system for a showstopping, starlight experience.

TV Wall Mounting and Installation

If you are looking to mount your TV and want to ensure that it’s structurally sound with neatly organised cords and cables, then the Premier AV team can help. Hanging the TV might seem like an easy weekend job, however, depending on your TV, house and room layout, there are a number of things to consider. Our team of professionals can ensure the TV is correctly and safely attached to the wall or ceiling. We can also provide cabling options to organise your TV cords or provide an in-wall solution. To every job, Premier AV brings years of experience and can help advise on things you may not have considered such as the optimal height to hang your TV, the best connectivity solutions, or sound and audio options for your space. Our clients don’t just love our expertise, they appreciate that the only ‘evidence’ our team leaves behind is your newly hung TV or installation – we’ll always clean up before we leave.

Projectors and Screens

Go big with a projector and screen that’s perfect for your entertainment space. If you want a large TV without the structural and financial hassle of mounting it, then a projector may be the perfect solution. From dynamic home theatres to outdoor movies, the team at Premier AV can help you find the best screen size for your space. We will ensure you have the right hardware and cable management to achieve your goals, future-proof your investment and keep your setup tidy. We’ll also offer our expertise in helping you find the right seating arrangement and distance for optimal field of view. From Optoma and Epson for budget-friendly solutions right through to premium brands like Sony, we have a range of brands that we can offer to help achieve your media and entertainment vision.

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