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Working professionally and effectively from anywhere

The cultural shift to working from home has begun a new era of what the work office looks like. While many employees love the freedom, employers have the difficult task of ensuring their employees are equipped with the right technology for the job. Help your team feel effective, efficient and professional by providing them with smart technology that takes the office capabilities into their home.

This might mean upgrades to video conferencing or supplying your employees with the proper hardware to stay connected. Premier AV has the Rockhampton-based experience to consult, supply and install - with local support available around the clock.

Why should you invest in work from home technology? Isn’t a laptop enough?

Technology may have allowed us to work remotely, but human connection and problem-solving are still vital to business success. A simple yet intuitive work from home setup will ensure your team can connect, present, and collaborate whether they are across the table or the globe.

If your company engages with people inside or outside of the company, you will see compounding results from investing in good audio and visuals for flexible employees. Better virtual experiences lead to better relationships, more effective communication, better collaboration and a more professional reputation for your company. If that wasn’t enough, investing in technology to help your employees do their best communicates to them that you value their contribution and believe in their success. It also assists them in establishing a professional environment at home, leading to greater confidence and productivity.

What do you need to work from home?

At a minimum, we recommend investing in a reliable and quality camera, microphone and lighting solution. This will assist your teams in collaborating better, eliminate wasted time from clunky technology, and set your organisation apart with a professional experience in every client and sales call. Your employees may also require printers, document cameras, monitors and stands, docking stations for their computer, phone solutions, power and charging, wiring, and wireless technology. What you require will all depend on your unique organisation and work processes.

The best setup is simple while elevating the working experience and eliminating time wasted through technology failure or lack of access to the right tools. The team at Premier AV specialise in custom solutions for all types of organisations and can work within your needs and budget to find the right solution for you.

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