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Smart systems for smart living

How much time and mental energy do you use daily to keep your home functioning?

A normal morning routine could include opening the blinds, switching on the coffee machine, starting the aircon, checking your reminders, making sure the lights and appliances are turned off before you leave, putting the spare key under the mat for the electrician, keeping the outside light on for a later return, and double-checking all the security. Imagine if your smart home could do all of these functions for you…and so much more?

With a Premier AV smart home installation, you can streamline every system in your home into a simple control panel. You can enjoy technology that simplifies your life, amplifies your home’s capability, and gives back precious time and energy so you can focus on the things that matter most.

DIY vs truly ‘Smart Home’

As smart homes become more popular, there are more DIY options popping up in the market. What’s the difference, and why does it matter?


By nature, DIY systems will always need to be simpler than professionally installed systems. We find many customers that have tried a DIY system quickly find it doesn’t integrate with the rest of their products, and that they want more of their home to be part of the eco-system. Getting a custom installation means you can integrate everything right from the start, with a professional who understands you.

Brand Flexibility

Many DIY systems will have a limited range of brands they connect with. You may find yourself needing to replace several appliances to make the most of the system and will be at the mercy of their prices and services. We intentionally use a smart home system that ‘plays well with others’ so you can keep all the brands you already love in your home!


DIY brands must keep things simple and generic to suit a broad audience. This generally means set programming that’s difficult to truly customise. We know that life in Rockhampton is different to the big city, and that your family and home are unique. When Premier AV do a custom install, we’ll create a system that works for you and teach you how to make changes as life requires. So as technology and your family adapts, your smart home can keep up.

With Control4 Technology from Premier AV, you can enjoy:

  • A centralised smart home operating system
  • Choice from brands you trust
  • Customised smart home design and control
  • Professional installation
  • Concierge-level ongoing technology support

Home Automation

Home automation is where a smart home truly shines. Bring all your technology into one place, integrated into easy, seamless systems. Using Control4 technology installed by Premier AV, you can create ‘scenes’ for each part of your day, week and year.

Do you want your lights, temperature, music and blinds the same way most afternoons? With a smart home, you simply create the setting once, and your home will automatically adjust each afternoon. When you leave the house for work, don’t worry about double-checking the appliances, lights and security - just press one button, and your home will switch everything off and set your alarms.

Create scenes for waking up in the morning, dinner parties, movie nights, and so much more with our easy-to-use and customisable programs. With automation, your home will work around your life, making it easier, simpler and more enjoyable.

Audio Systems

Rather than large, clunky speakers taking up space, we can provide a streamlined in-wall or in-ceiling audio solution. With smart audio systems, you can turn music on and off in different parts of the house or outdoor spaces, at the touch of a button. 

You can stream to multiple rooms at once or let family members choose the music they play in each room. You can even save your voice by using the system as an intercom to call the kids for dinner.

With a smart audio install, you can integrate sound into your daily flow of activities and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

TV & Video Distribution

If you're frustrated that your smart TV doesn’t integrate with streaming services you love, or you’re still relying on hardware like Apple TV, Chromecast or a DVD player, then Premier AV has the perfect solution. With our ultimate entertainment remote from Control4, all your streaming services and movies can be controlled and played from one device. Add services as you gain them and use the LCD screen on your remote to find what you’re looking for quickly.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the fastest-growing home technologies. With the influx of DIY options, it may seem that installing smart lighting is easy. However, if you want a lighting solution that will talk to other smart systems in your home and give you the option to use whichever brands and fixtures you like, then we can design your smart lighting from the wires up. This will give you options such as automation, voice control, pairing lights with audio and other settings, and so much more.

Climate Control

You don’t need to buy a new air conditioner to enjoy the benefits of a smart climate control system. With our climate control technology, we’ll work with your existing air conditioner to create a system that can be automated and controlled from anywhere.

Imagine a system that turns on whenever the home reaches a certain temperature or having an automated air conditioner that turns on before you get home from work each day. Sleep easy at night knowing your children are not too hot or too cold, and if you forget to turn the aircon off before your long family holiday, no problem! You can access the climate control from anywhere.

Network & Wi-Fi

Wi-fi is the nerve hub of the automated modern home. The network demands of the average household are far beyond the cheap router that came with your internet plan – and most home networks may have excessive traffic or even ‘dead spots’. The more people using the Internet, the better your wi-fi solution should be.

It might be a surprise to hear that a hard-wired solution may be a better option for streaming, or controlling your fixed devices like a TV or fridge. Hard-wired access points are simple to install and far more reliable. In situations where hard-wiring is not an option (such as apartments) we can install commercial-grade mesh solutions to make your wi-fi network go further.

Access Control

With smart home access, you can say goodbye to the days of locking yourself out of the house, leaving keys under the mat, or wondering who’s at the front door. From simple key code security locks to entire security systems, we can provide the access system that suits your home and budget. With smart home access, you can remotely open your garage doors and gates to let people in while you’re not home. Or, use strategically placed security cameras, such as a doorbell camera, so you always have eyes on your home.

With keycode access, you can give tradespeople a unique access code that can be turned on and off at any time to maintain home security. Motion sensors are great for detecting unwanted visitors but can also keep the kids safe by alerting you if there is movement inside the pool area. Our smart home access systems keep you in control of your home and security at all times.

Blinds and Windows

We might not be interior decorators, but we feel motorised blinds and windows are a great addition to any modern home. Imagine the relaxation and ease of not dealing with fussy cords every day to open and close your blinds.

Instead, with one button from the comfort of your bed or couch, you can control your windows and blinds with ease. You can even automate your blinds to open and close at certain times, creating the perfect home atmosphere. We can also integrate most motorised systems into our smart home program.

Smart Wiring

Hard-wiring is always the best and most reliable way to connect your home. From wi-fi, to audio, lights and more, the wiring in your home will impact how ‘smart’ your house can be. Our aim is always to give you the most robust and reliable wiring for your current needs while also future-proofing your home as technology and your family adapt. While we can smart wire any home, if you are in the process of building or renovating, now is the perfect time to consider smart wiring.

Smart Irrigation

Anyone can be a green thumb with smart irrigation. Our outdoor systems are affordable, take the pressure off remembering to water the plants, and make a big difference to your lawn and garden. You can automate your sprinklers to turn on at the same time each day or remotely control your irrigation from work, the family holiday, or out on the boat. If the weather gets wet while you’re away for a few weeks, you can remotely turn your system off, saving your grass and water bill. Complete control of your home irrigation will make caring for your lawn and garden a breeze.

Voice Control

Your word is your home’s command with our smart home voice control. If your arms are full of groceries and you need the lights switched on and security switched off - just ask and voice control will do the work. Already comfy on the couch and realise the air conditioner is too cold? Voice control has you covered. Control individual settings or activate your automated scenes to transform your home.

Our team will teach you everything you need to know to customise and change your settings as needed. We can link to a number of voice control brands such as Josh (Control4’s assistant), Alexa or Google Assistant. Contact our team if you have a current system and want to check compatibility.

Remote Access

One of the key benefits of a smart home is the ability to access and control your home systems from anywhere. You’ll never be in a position again where there is an emergency with your home and you are too far away to help. Whether you’re in a client meeting, on a family holiday, or at the shops, you’ll have the ability to control your home remotely. Manage access, security, lights, cameras, climate control, and more at any time or place. In addition, Premier AV can offer premium support by accessing your home remotely when needed to help troubleshoot, make changes, or assist at a moment’s notice.

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